Equestrian Program*

Duration 4 weeks
Program Details

The foundation of The Equestrian Programs philosophy is to enhance the personal development of youth through a rewarding equestrian experience. We provide a wholesome environment where positive role modeling supports character development. Horses respond to leaders who demonstrate confidence, provide clear direction, and create a connection.

The goals of the MBYLI Equestrian Program are to:

  • Improve Motor Coordination and Balance
  • Demonstrate confidence through riding
  • Develop a strong sense of responsibility by learning to take care of horses and equipment
  • Provide clear direction and create a connection
  • Therapeutic riding which contributes positively to the cognitive, physical, emotional and social well-being of individuals with special needs.


MBYLI is now accepting volunteers for our 2019 Equestrian program. Searching for people with a background in equestrian, horse training, or handling horses.



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