MBYLI Equestrian Program

The Equestrian Programs philosophy is to enhance the personal development of youth through a rewarding equestrian experience. We provide a wholesome learning environment where positive role-modeling supports character development. Horses respond to leaders who demonstrate confidence, provide clear direction, and create a connection.

From growing up on a farm in Vidalia Georgia to becoming a 4x Super Bowl Champion with the Pittsburgh Steelers there has always been a constant form of peace that Mr. Mel Blount has looked to. From feeding, caring for, and training horses to respecting the power of these beautiful animals, you’ll get the knowledge and experience of what it’s like to be with some of the most inspiring, athletic, and spirited animals in the world.

The goals of the MBYLI Equestrian Program are to:

  • Build responsibility, confidence, and work ethic through care and interaction of animals
  • Improve Motor Coordination and Balance

  • Demonstrate confidence through overcoming fears


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