“I learned tools to be a man and how to carry myself as a man. I prospered and did well.”

Brandon Humphrey

“My family will forever be grateful to Mel Blount for tapping into Jasmyn’s potential and empowering her to live a meaningful and purpose driven life.”

Mrs. McMillan, mother of Jasmyn

“You gave me the discipline that I seriously lacked as a kid and the boys in your home now need the same thing. You and your staff are great Americans, to shape broken boys and mend them into fine men of character is very hard to do, but you and your staff do it every day. I owe you a debt of gratitude for the man that I have become.”

Aaron Lee Westfield Nestor, Sergeant, United States Army

“The staff here at MBYH really tries to plant a good seed to rebuild self-respect in the kids here. Honestly, I am touched by all the staff. They all inspired me to do better. Don’t settle for less, strive for the best.”

A Former Resident


Jasmyn is an individual with multiple exceptionalities who has a deep and profound love for horses all because of Mel Blount! At the age of four Mel placed Jasmyn bareback on a horse and with him by her side, she rode fearlessly.


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